Holiday trading stats.



The following stats you will find for holiday trading.

I have included only stats for holidays that have good historical rates.   If you don't see a holiday like Memorial day etc.. Its because historically the stats weren't good for that day.

Please note that these stats are based on my research and are not to be deemed 100% accurate. Although I feel they are accurate and will trade accordingly there may be errors in the stats.

The stats are ONLY for the Nasdaq Index.   When the stats says it historically finishes UP for the day that means from the previous days close to that days close is UP. It doesn't mean from the OPEN to Close.

Each holiday is different.....  For example Labor day is always the first Monday in the month of September so the actual DATE could be different each year. Same thing with Thanksgiving it is the 4th Thursday in the month of November so the date is different each year.  With Christmas and New Years those dates are the same however if they fall on the weekend they are celebrated and observed on different dates.

For example if I say the DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING...... That means the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, each year the DATE will be different. However the stats are ALWAYS from the DAY before Thanksgiving. 

We have 2 ways to trade each holiday.  Trading the DAY BEFORE the holiday and the day AFTER the holiday.   Again I ONLY list the days that historically have good stats. If you don't find a holiday on here its because it doesn't have good historical stats.  (Labor day and New years day DAY AFTERS aren't listed as they don't have good stats)


HOLIDAY                                            UP                        DOWN                      TOTAL TRADES                    % UP/DOWN

Day BEFORE LABOR DAY                          30                                 13                                         43                                                  70%

DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING                  36                                   8                                          44                                                  82%

DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING                     35                                   9                                          44                                                 80%

(Day after thanksgiving is a shortened trading day. Markets close 3 hours early. Is a slow trading day and whichever direction the market is going at 10.30am eastern tends to be the direction for the rest of the day. Though that wasn't the case in 2009)

DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS                        32                                   12                                        44                                                 73%

DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS                           32                                    12                                        44                                                73%

DAY BEFORE NEW YEARS                       32                                    12                                        43                                                73%                                             

(Day before new years finished UP 29 in a row until the year 2000. From 2000-2007 it finished DOWN 8 in a row. Finally in 2008 it finished UP to break the down streak.)

Stats are current through January 1st  2015

 Stats are for informational purposes ONLY, should not be deemed as advice. Trade at your own risk. Stats can not be guaranteed as accurate.


If you know my stats you know that I have less then 42 total trades for those trades and the reason is their is ALWAYS a trading day before Christmas even if Christmas falls on a Monday. The trading day before Christmas is the previous FRIDAY.  Unlike specific dates like say Dec 1st. Where some years Dec 1st falls on a Sat/Sun when the markets are closed.


I hope these trading stats are useful to you.

You could use futures market to trade these trades.  I use to trade the dates.


You can find more information on how to place the trades etc... On the site.


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